Why is it so expensive to cut down trees?

However, the high costs of felling trees across the country are justified. Arbalists charge more, mainly because of the complexity, unpredictability, and risky nature of tree service. Their overheads are also high because of the high insurance premiums they have to pay. After a strong storm or strong winds, a tree can crash and cause damage to a house or other object.

Tree removal services usually charge much more to remove these types of trees. The main reason for the higher price is that they must be careful not to cause additional damage. In addition, damaged trees pose more risks overall, as workers are more likely to be injured. The main reason is insurance: our industry is a high-risk business and we have to pay high premiums just to operate.

Our workers' compensation insurance is up to par with coal miners or iron workers. We have to pay close to 25 percent of what an employee earns for this insurance alone and, in addition, most companies have a million-dollar liability policy to cover any property damage that may occur in the event of an accident. Some trees grow with a complex system of branches that makes it difficult to extract them. Tall, thin trees, such as poplars, cannot support a person's weight, so additional equipment is needed to reach the top of the tree safely.

Thick, dense trees, such as pine trees, may take longer to be removed because of their size. If tree branches protrude from the roof or are pushed against the house, the tree may need to be cut down. However, just like removing a standing tree, the total price will depend on whether you remove it completely, cut it down, or simply chip it into small pieces. News accounts are full of accident reports involving untrained tree workers, or even homeowners, trying to cut down a tree without knowing how it will respond to being felled.

A qualified professional like Tree Lopping Townsville Services is the safest option to remove a tree in this precarious situation to avoid electrocution. Most tree service estimates include the cost of chopping the tree after it's been felled, but it's best to ask anyway. Therefore, a tree that can withstand more than 100 cuts and many rigs with little room for error can be removed in a few sections and placed in a more accessible area relatively quickly and safely. Supports can prevent the tree from falling while being cut, and ladders or electric lifts may be needed if the tree cannot be safely climbed.

Yes, at an additional cost, most professionals can remove small branches and cut the tree into manageable sizes of firewood. In general, the contractor will also need to cut pieces of the tree by climbing the tree and cutting it into more manageable sizes. If you need to remove one or more branches for other reasons, you'll need to hire a tree felling and felling company. Cutting down a tree may seem like a simple process, but every tree and every property is different.

And if a tree has almost nothing around or near it, it is much easier and therefore much less expensive for us to remove it. Trees that are being removed often must be cut one section at a time to prevent entire sections of trees from falling onto property or traffic. While it may seem like a major expense for experts to safely remove a tree, it's worth it.

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