Who is responsible for cutting the tree?

The owner has the right to cut back any leaf or branch that enters his property on his own. This is known as the “right of reduction”. You are responsible for any damage you cause to your neighbor's tree while performing any maintenance. When it comes to pruning or performing any type of maintenance on the trees that stick out from your property, it's your responsibility to perform the maintenance.

Unless the tree owner is willing to do the maintenance on their own. If a neighbor's tree is invading your property, whether it's a root or a branch, you have the legal right to cut and remove anything that has passed beyond the boundary, to the point where your property ends. Therefore, if the tree is on your property and begins to invade the territory of your neighbors, whether they are roots or branches, you are obliged to cut and eliminate stragglers to the point where your property ends (provided that your neighbor has raised it as a problem with you). The court would have preferred these native trees to remain, but arbalists in Tree Lopping Townsville Services and engineers considered that cutting the roots to install a root barrier would destabilize the trees.

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