What is the fine for removing a tree nsw?

As a property owner, you may have many reasons to want to cut down a tree. But regardless of your reasons, the New South Wales government requires that you first apply for your permit for certain trees. The New South Wales local council protects the region's trees through the logging laws set out in the state's Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and the Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). Residents of Hornsby in New South Wales can legally remove the following trees from their property without a permit.

Not only that, but municipalities will also use tree preservation orders to control what can be done with trees that are not protected. Most municipalities do not require a permit to remove a dead tree or a tree considered a “detestable weed”, such as palm trees. In fact, if you remove a protected tree from your property without first seeking and receiving approval from your local council, you can get into a lot of trouble, including incurring significant financial penalties. Tree owners can exaggerate or misdiagnose the condition of a tree as a reason for removal, which authorities can override after examining it.

Ben learned the art of felling trees from his father as a child and now runs the family business Tree Lopping Townsville Services. Rather, you must obtain a permit before removing a tree under the protection of a development control plan. The same laws that cover tree felling in Sydney also apply to pruning in most cases, especially in the Sydney metropolitan area. THE TREE BLOCKS VIEWS If the wrong tree is placed in the wrong position, you can block views that devalue your property.

New South Wales local advice is strict when it comes to removing and pruning trees that they listed as important and protected. COMMON REASONS TO REMOVE A TREE There are many signs that even an unqualified gardener can look for to identify that a tree has become a hazard or is sick. TREE HEIGHT The height of the tree will be taken into account when applying for a permit. If you are less than 3 m* tall, you may not need a permit.

Each council in the Greater Sydney region has its own Tree Management Control and Development Plan (DCP) that sets out the rules on tree pruning and removal. THE TREE DROPS EXCESSIVE DEBRIS Some trees drop a lot of leaves, fruits, sap or seeds, making a mess and sometimes damaging the lawn or garden.

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