What is the crane for on service truck?

A truck crane can transport heavy materials. This saves your company additional machinery costs and allows the project to be carried out more efficiently, with greater safety and greater speed. A traditional crane, by comparison, cannot carry heavy materials and requires a separate heavy loader. The most common option for a mechanical crane is a hydraulic telescopic crane.

It has a wide enough range of lifting and reach capabilities to meet most field service needs. All you have to do is ensure that your lifting requirements do not exceed the capabilities of a telescopic crane mounted on a service body. If they do, you may need an articulated crane. So the only decision left is the size of the crane.

The demand for mobile cranes is increasing worldwide and is growing steadily along with the construction industry. Adding a tow truck to your service truck is a great way to diversify your business and generate new capabilities and revenue opportunities. Combine a PALFINGER service crane with one of our PAL Pro Mechanics truck bodies for the perfect crane package. PALFINGER service cranes become even more versatile when equipped with our staff basket, allowing you to complete more jobs safely.

This type of crane has a lower cost and is ideal for intermittent and lightweight lifts. With a lifting capacity of between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds, save heavier lifts for a different type of crane. Also known as “articulated barriers”, articulated cranes add more reach and lift more weight than hydraulic cranes. Some trucks are inherently not made to hold a crane, but with some fundamental improvements, the installation of the crane can begin.

Understanding the necessary access points and the range of the crane is critical to deciding where to mount your new crane. Hydraulic cranes are the most common option for mechanical trucks because they offer a wide range of lifting capacities, generally from 3,200 pounds, such as the IMT 1015 telescopic crane, up to 14,000 pounds, such as the IMT 14000 telescopic crane, and are designed for more regular use. PALFINGER service cranes are designed to be the lightest, longest and strongest telescopic service cranes in the industry. Consider the type of work intended for the crane (light, medium, heavy or severe) and then select the body of the service truck that best suits the crane.

The list of decisive factors continues, as the location of the crane also depends on the control style and the mechanical maintenance of the crane itself. If you've decided that your usual lifting needs are going to exceed 6,000 pounds or that you'll need to use the crane quite often, you only have to choose between a hydraulic telescopic crane and an articulated crane. If you end up lifting heavier objects or using your electric platform crane regularly, you'll spend more on repairs than if you had chosen a crane designed to do more from the start. If you are ready to begin the crane selection and installation process, contact us and request a free service quote for truck cranes.

These cranes generally cost less because they don't require a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic tank or a power take-off and have a maximum lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds, such as the IMT 3203i telescopic crane of up to 6,000 pounds, such as the IMT 6006i telescopic crane. Once you know what size and type of crane you need, it is recommended that inexperienced people plan to hire a professional and experienced truck installation service to ensure that the crane installation process goes smoothly and according to plan. Powered by hydraulic systems, these cranes are versatile and handle 6,000-pound loads more easily than electric cranes. However, a crane operator who is used to telescopic cranes will probably learn to operate an articulated crane fairly quickly. Tree lopping services should only be performed by experienced arborists like in Tree Lopping Townsville Services, who have the right equipment and training to safely prune and removebranches without damaging the tree or surrounding area. Many reputabletree lopping companies in Townsville are licensed and insured, and theyfollow safety regulations.

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