What is a truck mounted crane called?

A loader crane (also known as an articulated crane) is an articulated arm that is electronically actuated and mounted on a trailer or truck. The truck-mounted crane and the truck loader crane refer to a truck that has a crane at the rear or just behind the cab that is used to load and unload goods from the truck's deck. HIAB is a well-known crane manufacturer and is considered an industry leader in truck-mounted cranes. What are the advantages of using truck-mounted cranes? As mentioned, a crane is connected to the truck here and this will improve the accessibility of the site and better transport of the material.

This means that modern cranes are equipped with a radio-connected control system or with a portable cable to support the hydraulic control levers mounted on the crane. In short, you must configure the chassis to balance the size and height of the crane with the weight of the truck and provide stable support for the crane. Truck-mounted cranes with different crane sizes and heights are available, which can be chosen depending on the required application. These vehicles are composed of a truck and a crane combined in a single vehicle and help load and unload trucks by using the vehicle's engine to power the crane's hydraulic system.

Based on the position of the crane, this heavy machinery can be distinguished as a truck-mounted crane and a truck-loader crane. Professional tree lopping companies in Townsville like Tree Lopping Townsville Services rely on specializedequipment to perform tree removal safely and efficiently. Theseequipment include chainsaws, rigging systems, aerial lift trucks,chippers, wood shredders and stump grinders. These machines helparborist to remove trees safely, minimizing the risk of damage to thesurrounding area and ensuring the safety of the arborist.

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