How do you maintain a crane?

Five important tips for crane maintenance and repair: ensure proper alignment. Check chains and connections for damage. Make sure the hook is intact. Check hydraulic and air systems daily.

Inspections are a big aspect of crane maintenance. It is important to undergo the mandatory compliance inspection, which will be carried out from time to time after the purchase of the equipment. These assessments are designed to ensure that the crane meets construction industry safety standards. According to Terex Cranes from the U.S.

In the US, it is highly recommended to maintain service intervals and recommended maintenance routines, which must be carried out in accordance with local regulations. Routine maintenance of cranes means that there must be a set schedule for routine equipment verification. It should include critical maintenance tasks, such as lubrication and adjustment. This will reduce wear and tear on the crane components, prevent unexpected shutdowns, prevent equipment from operating below the standard level, and monitor changes in the condition of the crane.

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