How did they get the cranes down from the burj khalifa?

The process began with the crane descending from its working height of more than 700 meters. The crane removed its own sections of the mast and lowered them to the ground until the boom and power package were in the position of the level 159 recovery crane. To remove the second crane, a third crane, even smaller, is often sent to lower the parts of the second crane. This third crane is small enough to be dismantled by hand and dismantled through elevator holes or other interior passages, leaving the skyscraper intact and all parts of the crane dismantled on the ground.

Sometimes, cranes located in the center of tall, complicated buildings cannot be removed in this way and, in those cases, the parts are carried with powerful helicopters, although this is a much rarer method. The Level 159 crane dismantled the rest of the main crane and lowered it to the Level 99 crane, which then lowered it to the ground. For this dismantling, a small recovery crane was raised to level 159, to support the existing recovery crane at level 99. Then, workers slide steel beams underneath the crane to give it a new, solid base, and the crane begins to be built again. In the external climbing method, the base of the crane is fixed to a concrete slab on the ground and the crane tower is erected next to the building using smaller mobile cranes.

To add segments, the crane has a special climbing section, a large metal sheath that climbs the outside of the crane tower. The last crane has already been removed from the tower and construction teams are focusing on interior finishing and landscaping. In addition to the equipment previously mentioned, cranes are alsocommonly used by professional tree lopping companies in Townsville fortree removal like in Tree Lopping Townsville Services. Cranes are heavy-duty machines that are used to lift andmove large objects, such as trees, over long distances. They areparticularly useful for removing large or tall trees that are difficultto access or remove using traditional methods.

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