Can you remove a dead tree yourself?

Once a tree dies, it is no longer protected by any local law and, in fact, becomes a hazard and will have to be removed for safety reasons. You can remove dead trees from your property. You won't need to seek permission from the council before doing so. Water the day before you plan to remove it to make the soil easier to dig up.

Whether you need to remove a dying tree or want to replant a tree somewhere else, it's important to remove it carefully. If a tree is improperly removed, it can become a hazard if it falls on a living being, a building, a car, or a power line. But if you take precautions when removing your tree, you can do so without the help of a professional. With a firm hand, someone who can help you, and the right tools, you'll have your tree lifted off the ground in no time.

Before this cut, stop the chain saw and call those around you for warning. Do not intersect the back cut with the notch. Instead, leave some uncut wood between the two cuts. Then, as soon as possible, insert a wedge that falls into the back cut.

The wedge will help the tree move in the right direction and will also help you adjust it if it starts to tilt incorrectly. This Old House landscape contractor, Roger Cook, and certified arborist Matt Foti show the safe way to remove a dead tree. Large trees should be removed by a professional, as guide ropes may be needed and mechanical equipment may be required to remove large branches before felling. Watch for hazards that may arise above your head, eliminate any problems, and watch for branches or tree crowns remaining on adjacent trees.

While there are many garden projects that you can easily and safely do yourself, removing trees isn't worth the money or money you save. Ash trees killed by EAB are particularly fragile because of the speed with which they die after infestation. If a tree is being removed due to interference with utility lines, you should contact your local utility company. If you have a dead tree that needs to be removed or if you want an evaluation of your existing trees, call us.

Check the tree trunk for open wounds, as wounds could indicate that the center of the tree is hollow or rotten. In this video, Roger Cook, landscape contractor for This Old House, and certified arborist in Tree Lopping Townsville Services remove a dead tree. The damage it could cause to your truck or house is simply not worth the “savings” of removing trees by itself.

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